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ACS QuickStrip® Cloud Based Version, Unlimited Users
ACS QuickStrip® Cloud Based Version, Unlimited Users

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Let the ACS QuickStrip® On Demand Label Printing Software help you not miss a step with your label printing needs.
We also have all the labels you need as well!

  • ACS QuickStrip® label printing software for file folder labels matches Colorbar and Colorflex label designs, color bar colors, color bar sizes, data fields and barcodes.
  • You can deplete your existing inventory of Colorbar or Colorflex labels and then utilize ACS to provide you new labels for your ongoing label printing requirements.
  • ACS QuickStrip® supports any common laser or inkject printers available from common printer manufacturers.
  • We provide file folder label printing solutions for 6-labels per sheet, 7-lables per sheet and both Colorbar and Clickstrip envelope-sized label sheets with primary folder label and bonus labels, making sure that you can print labels the way you have in the past, and need to print in the future.
ACS QuickStrip / Virtual Labels Demo

CS QuickStrip® Strip Label Printing Software
helps improve efficiency & compliance by standardizing the indexing of file folders, binders and related media with easy-to-use labeling software and bar coding. QuickStrip® also enables the printing of electronic forms, patient wristbands or just about anything an organization may require.
  • Price includes free label design and demo.
  • No recharge cartridges no hidden charges.
  • Unlimited users once set up just need internet access to log in.
  • Works with most Color Laser and Ink jet Printers

* Easy, fast file labeling done right every time / Customized label design(s) for each filing application
* Labels can include color-coding, text, bar codes & RFID
* Customized data entry screens based on label parameters
* Data entry screens include drop-down lists and check-boxes
* Data displays in spreadsheet for full editing capabilities
* Optional database of all labels printed and prevents duplicate records
from being added to the database or re-printed
* Import data from host applications and spreadsheets
* Enables printing of one or multiple electronic forms
* Enterprise-wide label and eForm printing
* Standardizes records management for all files,including side view, top
view and hanging file folders
Colors & Features
  • ACS QuickStrip® Strip Label Printing System enables customers to standardize and systematize file folder indexing and label printing according to approved records management policies, and will enhance overall organizational efficiency, regulatory compliance and audit fulfillment. Computerized labels enable everything needed to print on one label, providing fast and effective file folder origination, while saving time and money and ensuring that records management standards are consistent across all file folders, binders or other media that require indexing and storage. Additionally, Virtual Labels is a powerful print engine that allows the printing of electronic forms, sets of electronic forms based on 'type of transaction', mailing labels, employee badges or just about any item an organization may need to print.

    QuickStrip® provides customized label designs to optimize the indexing of file folder labels with text, color-code classification and bar coding, and enables entire record management schemas to be imported as a drop-down menu so that all records are linked 'at the point of origination' to an organization's retention schedule. Every Virtual Labels implementation includes:
    - customized label designs optimized for each type of record or media
    - customized single and multiple entry data entry screens that are easy-to-use
    - the ability to import spreadsheet or host database files
    - each field can be text entry, drop-down list, Yes/No checkbox or pop-up calendar
    - available to unlimited users using the Internet or can be installed on internal computer(s), network(s) or intranet/extranet(s)
    - ability to add bar code and/or RFID file tracking
    - options for printing labels, applying labels to existing folders and file system conversions or moves
    - a wide range of file folders, filing supplies and filing equipment also available

    QuickStrip® helps save labor and label costs compared to applying multiple labels to a folder, will eliminate the need to inventory multiple boxes of individual labels and prints unique bar codes to each record to improve regulatory compliance and retention management. The software generates 8” x 1.5” labels that wrap-around the side or top tab of file folder records, ensuring that each folder is labeled the same way and the colors line up evenly when folders are on the shelving. The software assigns unique colors to each alphabetic character A – Z and digit 0 – 9, and color-codes the digits of a file number or the first few letters of a record's primary classification. Most organizations also color-code the year the record was created, as well as other designations like alerts, record type, geographic region or other such important record-specific information. Color-coding makes filing fast and eliminates misfile problems.
    QuickStrip® sheeted labels can also include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and print on standard office ink jet printers!

    Entering and Importing Data to Print Labels for New Records

    QuickStrip® makes it easy to produce labels, because data entry screens are customized to your organization's specific requirements, and the software can also import data from spreadsheets or host computer applications to eliminate keyboard data entry.
    Single Label Entry (fields customized to your index fields)
    The 'Single Label' screen allows fields to be entered by keyboard that are constant for all new records, such as 'current year', and variable fields that are unique to each specific record, such as record title(name), record #, record classification, record type and similar identifiers. Once data is entered for a new record, labels can be printed one-at-a-time or can be added to a built-in spreadsheet for batch printing. To the left of the data entry blocks are the names of the fields, and to the right is shown how the data is formatted, which makes it easy to do labels right and avoid errors.

    Multi-Label Data Entry / Import – (columns customized to your index fields)

    In the 'Multiple Labels' spreadsheet view, the columns represent record fields that can be entered into the rows for printing labels matching an organization's customized label design. Both the name of the field and how data entry should be formatted are shown in the column headings. This screen allows data for multiple labels to be entered 'all at once' and printed as a single batch, rather than entering data and printing one label-at-a-time. You may also note that along the left of the screen is the button 'Open File', which allows data records to be imported for printing labels with 'one click' and no data entry. Once data has been entered or imported into the single label data entry screen or the spreadsheet, you can view the data and edit individual fields or add/delete rows of data. This enables you to see what you are about to print...before you print!

    Print Preview Screen

    Once label data is entered or imported, labels can be printed after reviewing the text itself without the extra step of previewing the label sheet, or the labels can be visually previewed prior to printing. All three (3) screens ('Single Label', 'Multiple Labels' and 'Page Preview') have a 'Print' button so that labels can be conveniently printed from any screen in the software.

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