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FileBox System Letter Size (Matches Tab & Bucket Shelving) Snaps together without nuts or bolts. Consisting of posts and rails, the FileBox system literally snaps together and can fit any space. Records are housed in one-piece, plastic file boxes that are suspended from rails to form a modular shelf.
This unique design allows for easy file shifting and fast, accurate filing.
Save space by going higher.
The FileBox system saves space by going higher than traditional filing equipment while eliminating the need to allow space for drawer roll-out.
Seven levels of active filing are within easy reach with no need for potentially hazardous ladders or stools. Return on investment in under a year.
Just one section of FileBox requires about the same space as a four drawer roll-out cabinet but holds 3.5 times the files! As a result of time and space saved, many FileBox customers realize payback on their equipment within a year.