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HIPAA Compliant Slimcase Cabinets

Slimcase is a multi-purpose and universal filing system that can be used in any office or backroom application.

All SlimCase units have a double-wall construction with a fully-welded case, and are painted with a powder-coat finish for durability and current environmental requirements.  Slimcase can accommodate top tab and/ or side tab file folders, small media such as computer tapes, microfilm, and all types of audio/video media and binders.

SlimCase units can easily be placed on our SlideTrac Bases or mobile shelving carriages for high-density applications. SlimCase ships ‘Set up’, and ready to use – with the shelves and/or drawers already in place.  Slimcase is available in three widths 36, 42 and 48 inches with various heights from 70 to 92 inches and available in both letter and legal depths from 14.5 to 19inches.

Versatile Design
Slimcase can be configured with various size pull out drawers, fixed or adjustable shelves (adjustable on ˝” increments maximizing filing capacity), a posting shelf or a mixture of any components and, Slimcase can easily be re-configured to meet changing storage needs. Call 1-800-378-1191 for your custom Slimcase Design.

Standard binder shelves adjust on ˝” centers to maximize storage.Top tab file folder drawers are available for side to side filing, one row for letter or legal.Top tab file folder drawers are also available for front to rear filing, two rows for legal,
 three rows for letter.
Pull out drawers are available for all formats of small media.

Locking Tambour Door

The locking tambour door on SlimCase is attractive, quiet and the Ergo-Lock is waist-high for operator convenience. A low profile” Cam” lock is also available. With two door-lift grips, a person can easily open or close the door without having to bend over or stretch.  Also, the door bottom – when fully lowered – fits securely into a bottom cross channel to prevent tampering, and wear and tear. Slimcase can also be configured without the tambour door.
Slimcase tambour doors have double-wall construction and come standard with a waist high Ergo-Lock.A low profile “Cam Lock” is also available which locks from the Slimcase bottom allowing multiple units to be placed on Slide-trac bases.

Optional Slide-trac Bases

Horizontal Slide-trac bases are available for Slimcase allowing for two rows of storage. The front row has 1 less Slimcase allowing for horizontal cabinet movement to provide access to all rear Slimcase cabinets. Slide-trac bases (front to rear and side to side) minimize the storage footprint and maximize storage.

Cabinet Colors

Neutral gray, light gray, dark gray, putty, light brown, warm brown, char brown, black, and white.

Get HIPAA Compliant with Slimcase Cabinets

Tambour Door Colors
Light gray, light putty, silver, and black.  Slimcase tambour doors have double-wall construction and come standard with a waist high Ergo-Lock.

Ten Year Warranty

Slimcase is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for ten years. Plastic parts are warranted for five years of normal wear.

Preconfigured Slimcase Cabinets for End Tab File Folders below come in letter & legal sizes, 6 & 7 tiers and 36", 42" & 48" width. FREE SHIPPING WITH INSIDE DELIVERY on all Slimcase Cabinets.