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Mini-Avenger Portable Vertical Carousel Cart

Portable High Density Vertical Storage & Retrieval System

The Mini-Avenger™ Vertical Carousel is small enough and light enough to be portable and designed to move through standard offices and buildings halls and doorways to the point of use. Change locations hourly, daily, weekly… total portability… just plug and spin.

Inventory is stored on carriers/shelves which rotate on an oval track vertically and delivered to an ergonomically located work counter. Every carrier/shelf can be configured uniquely to meet specific inventory and application requirements.

Integrated software and pick to light system helps assure accuracy and picking speed. Likewise, folding work counter when placed up seals the unit for maximum inventory security and protection.

From inventory, parts, tooling, media, documentation, kits and much more, the Mini-Avenger Vertical Carousel and Cart system can dramatically reduce wasted searching for parts and material… more time working, not walking. From retail to manufacturing to offices and warehouses, the number of applications and uses are almost endless.

Key Mini-Avenger Vertical Carousel & Cart Benefits Include:

  • 100% portability
  • Improves productivity by 2/3
  • Increases accuracy to 99.9% levels
  • Saves up to 65% floor space
  • Provides secured and restricted access
  • 100% ergonomic access
  • Zero installation time required (delivered ready to go out of the crate)

Fast, easy and reliable… the Mini-Avenger Vertical Carousel comes assembled and ready to plug into standard 112v electrical outlets. An optional uninterrupted power supply allows for mobile software usage.

Leasing Option Available for the Mini-Avenger Portable Vertical Carousel Cart!
Please call for details 1-800-378-1191
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Mini-Avenger Portable Vertical Carousel Mini-Avenger Portable Vertical Carousel

Mini-Avenger Portable Vertical Carousel