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Evidence & Property Storage

Dramatically increase your storage capacity or store the same amount in much less space by converting to a safe and effective Mechanical Mobile System.

Mobile Storage Systems can store up to five times more in the same space as conventional systems. They can also dramatically improve your efficiency. We offer solutions for all your Storage needs.


We specialize in creating innovative, space-saving storage solutions for any business. Here are a few examples to show you how we can dramatically improve the day-to-day operations of your company through the introduction of High Density Storage Systems and other equipment.

Case Studies
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Athletic Equipment
HIPAA Records
Law Firm
Military Storage
Mixed Media Storage
PharmacyLibrary Storage
Weapons Storage

Let the ACS team provide you with a comprehensive quote and lay for the mobile system you need Mechanical Assist or Electric. Call 1-800-378-1191 or Email:

Or take a look at some of our pre-designed High Density Shelving Options that you can purchase on line just click any of the below Pictures or Titles.

Lateral Track Shelving

Times 2 Rotary Files

Locking Lateral Track Shelving

ACS File Vault
Carousel File
Carousel Cabinets

ACS can help you find a solution that's perfect for your needs
Gone are the days when the only storage option was a basic metal filing cabinet. Now you can put high-efficiency systems and specialized office products to work for you. We offer a range of innovative shelving and storage solutions integrated with exactly the right folders, pockets, indexes and labels. And we provide America's best service and support, both before and after the sale.

Let the ACS team provide you with a comprehensive quote and lay for the mobile system you need.
Call 1-800-378-1191 or Email:
Other Products

Medical Furniture

Medical Record
Dividers & Filebacks

Chart Labels

Color Code Labels

Patient / Nurse
Custom Medical
Record Folders
Medical Record
Filing Carts
Medical Record
Wall Stations