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ACS Virtual-Forms

Any item that exists in an enterprise has to be identified and indexed. Transactions require eForms or physical documents, which process through workflow sequences.

Virtual-Forms solutions include a robust print engine that takes data from a database and renders it to label formats and electronic forms to print a series of forms and/or labels with text fields, bar code, color coding and/or RFID.

The software is designed to model transactions, to print any combination of forms and labels.

An eform library can be developed with every form used within the enterprise, and a single data entry event and transaction-type will generate the exact set of forms and labels required.

 Eforms can be assigned a unique bar code identifier and can be used to auto-index eforms into content management systems. Avoid the time and cost of document scanning by re-engineering business processes utilizing electronic forms.

An important key to leveraging computers for accomplishing EMR, is to avoid the creation of documents in the first place. Rather than perform tasks using paper documents and scanning the paper after it is created, simply re-engineer business process and transactions utilizing electronic forms.

Virtual-Forms can incorporate unlimited electronic form templates, and, can aggregate sets of forms based on the transaction to be completed.

Print individual forms or groups of forms based on the type of workflow occurring. Enhance productivity and reduce costs by eliminating paper-based business processes.

Eforms Examples:
Screen Shot of Virtual-Forms  Newborn Medical Report  Expense Report  Job Application

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