ACS Value Added Resellers

Benefits of Becoming a Reseller

Reselling ACS products to your existing customer base is a quick and easy way to grow your business and maximise the revenue potential for each existing customer. ACS is continually adding new products or services to your business that will help you win new customers and expand into new territories. An expanding business portfolio increases value benefits for all customers and increases customer satisfaction experienced, encouraging repeat sales and loyalty.

ACS reserves the right to refuse to sell to any person or firm, and to extend or withhold lines of open account credit to any reseller determined by the reseller's experience, record of trade payments, financial condition, amount of credit needed, etc. Depending on these factors, ACS may require current financial information, particularly if such information is not available through routine sources (i.e., Dun & Bradstreet, Business Products Credit Association, personal guarantees and/or other security interests.)

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