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How Can You Increase Practice Revenue?

Renegotiate Your Insurance Contracts
Many practices today are looking for opportunities to maximize revenue in their office. If you have not re-negotiated your contracts now is the perfect time. Contract renegotiation is a great way to potentially increase revenue.

Managed Care Contract Negotiation is designed to maximize revenue for the practice by identifying insurance carriers with unfavorable fees and determining opportunities for improvements.

It includes the following:
Identify key areas that enhance practice cost effectiveness to promote payer negotiations.
  • Identify the top payers that control the Client’s revenue.
  • Identify the top services that make up the Client’s revenue.
  • Analyze the Client’s current contracts and network arrangements to determine if the Client is paid according to the correct fee schedule.
  • Submit information to the top payers to obtain preliminary data about the Client’s practice. 
  • Teleconference or visits with the Client to determine the Client’s strengths and develop a promotion strategy to facilitate payer negotiations.
  • Letters will be drafted and sent to the plans requesting fee increases.
  • After the contracts have been negotiated, a managed care fee “matrix” can be developed to help the Client review reimbursement rates for future comparison.
Bradley Reiner, BA has been in medical practice management for 20 years. Prior to beginning Reiner Consulting and Associates in 1999, he was employed by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) for 10 years specializing in many facets of practice management including claims payment, contracting, policy, billing, coding, and reimbursement. He has extensive experience with contract negotiation, physician documentation, recruitment, fraud and abuse, billing, coding, financial analysis, workflow maximization, and compliance plans. Mr. Reiner’s experience includes reimbursement issues in both the public and private sector. He has counseled individual physicians and group practices regarding maximization of revenue and billing to ensure compliance with all types of payers. He is also a consultant for the Texas Medical Board reviewing cases involving billing and documentation and is also the endorsed consultant for the Texas Academy of Family Physicians. He works with all specialties. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Mr. Reiner has written or been quoted in Doc Talk, Family Physician Magazine, American Medical News, Texas Medicine, Physician’s Managed Care Report, American Healthcare Consultants and TMA’s Action Newsletter.

Bradley Reiner, BA

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Increase Practice Revenue